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Progressive Power – Disc 2 DVD
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Progressive Power – Disc 2 DVD

Item #: QTAM16DVD
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Featuring Chris Carmichael and our team of CTS Coaches, these workouts will keep you motivated and training when you can't get outside.
Workouts 4-6
Aerobic development is the name of the game in the three workouts on Disc Two. With a mixture of moderate-intensity Tempo intervals and SteadyState intervals at just below your maximum sustainable intensity, the workouts on this disc directly target your aerobic engine.
Includes Field Test Disc Led by Chris Carmichael, the CTS Field Test is the starting point for the Progressive Power DVD Series. This approximately 50-minute workout provides athletes with all the information necessary to establish accurate and personal training intensities they'll use in all subsequent Progressive Power workouts. Disc includes instructions on calculating your personal power and heart rate training ranges.
About the Progressive Power 5-Disc Series Nothing makes you faster on a bike then increasing your overall power. Carmichael Training Systems Progressive Power DVD's are designed to do just that-use them independently, or combine all 5 DVD's to get 16 POWER workouts that studies show can increase your overall sustainable power by 12%.
To get the most out of the 16 workouts, start with the Field Test on a Tuesday, followed by Workout 1 on Thursday. Complete 1-2 endurance or group rides over the weekend and then continue with Workout 2 on Tuesday, Workout 3 on Thursday, and so on. Used in this manner, the Progressive Power Series creates a very effective 8-week training program.