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USAPCC – Epic Climbing 2011
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USAPCC – Epic Climbing 2011

Item #: QTAM15DVD
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Our longest climbing workout to date! 85 minute climbing workout!

The spectacular scenery and exciting racing at the 2011 USA Pro Cycling Challenge provides the backdrop and inspiration for this 85-minute Epic Climbing workout. CTS Head Coach Chris Carmichael starts you off with a hard set of max-effort PowerIntervals and then you tackle four ClimbingRepeats with the pro peloton on iconic Rocky Mountain climbs: Cottonwood Pass, Independence Pass, Swan Mountain, and Lookout Mountain! Includes CTS Field Test instructions/calculations and never broadcast, never-seen-before race footage!
About this DVD:
• 4x3minute PowerIntervals for the power to surge.
• 4x8minute ClimbingRepeats to develop speed and power for climbing
• Personalized intensity ranges for cyclists of all ability levels
• Includes tactics and tips from Chris Carmichael

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